I like my boobs

I like my boobs

Anonymous asked: You fat piggy here I've made an account to send you pictures on. Would you like me to come off of anon? Also when I send you pictures can you send some back? :3 no nudity I just mean swapping pictures :) of course you can ask me for whatever you want

yess i’d love that i wanna see what my fat piggy looks like :3

Anonymous asked: What would be your perfect day? You can do anything, anywhere, with anyone

My perfect day would be waking up really late in the morning, turning around and watching my fat bf standing there making breakfast, then go out and just go around the city doing cool stuff, like i don’t know maybe go to a park or something like that, then in the night just getting home and having him there telling me he wants me and do kinda kinky things :3

Anonymous asked: hello my mistress. I just ate some giant, greasy, pieces of pizza, and a big roll of garlic bread dripping with cheese and sauce and I am stuffed. Tell me what I should eat next so I can grow nice and fat for you. I'm your growing piggy.

wow piggy that’s amazing, sounds like you have a big apetite, why don’t you go and make yourself a huge sandwich and imagine i’m sitting on your lap feeding it to you

Anonymous asked: Your fat piggy here, imagine we're together in a room with 5 large pizzas and 2 litres of whatever drink you want, what else would you want to bring, what would you do to me, and how would we fuck after? :3 (hope that's not a little too dirty for you

Well, picturing that is not hard :p i’d bring loats of ice cream and other pastries for my piggy to eat, and cause you’re gonna be so full after eating all that you will have a big round stuffed belly so i’m just gonna make you get on top of me and fuck me real hard and you won’t stop until i tell you to and it doesn’t matter that you get tired or out of breath cause that will just make me hornier

Anonymous asked: If I was your piggy, how much would you feed me?

I’d make you eat so much for breakfast that your belly will still be really full and round for when it’s time to eat lunch, that way you’ll never be trully empty and will always have a nice round belly

Anonymous asked: I'm a short fat guy 380. What do you think?

You’re hot

Anonymous asked: I'm like 6ft tall. I've got a pretty big gut like a good fat piggy and I'm willing to gain for my mistress :3 anything else you wanna know? What would be your favourite food to stuff me with?

Great, i like my fatties tall and of course fat :p and uhm i love making guys eat pizza, it’s just so greasy and makes them so full but they still want more cause uhm pizaa is yummy lol

Anonymous asked: Oh wait! I managed to find some scales in the house, I weight about 230lbs what do you think? What would you like to get me to?

and how tall are you? 230 sounds like you have a fat belly, so if you eat as much as i’ll tell you to eat, i guess you’ll get to 350 or so soon